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 Item: 2004R Level 2
 Price: $2499.00
 Part #: L2HP2004R
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High Performance Street - + $500.00 Core Charge

Our Level Two Transmissions have all the wonderful features of our Level One Transmission, but their built to handle more horsepower and feature firmer and quicker shifts. These units are still quite street able, however, they should be installed into performance oriented cars and trucks. They will handle a steady diet of around 450/500 hp and 400/450 ft/lbs. of torque. This Level Transmission is definitely a huge step up from what the popular brand name companies offer (according to their descriptions) and they still charge more! We have sold thousands of this Level Transmission over the last seven years with tremendous success. They have proven to be very reliable and tough in serious street performance vehicles.

Our Level Two Transmissions feature all the components and modifications built into our
Level One Transmission plus the following upgrades:
New overrun and low/reverse sprag clutches.
Our own custom machined billet servo with 11% larger surface area than Grand National servos.
New hardened steel stator shaft.
Upgrade to a ten vane pump rotor with new rotor, vanes, slider, "O" ring, seal and rubber spring and rotor guide. Thirteen vane pump is optional at no extra charge.
Hardened steel pump guide rings to prevent breakage in severe high rpm operating situations.
Main boost valve is upgraded to a .500" main boost valve and our oversized low/reverse boost valve produce higher operating pressures for firmer, quicker shifts and better clamping pressures in all gears.
Reprogrammed for more aggressive shift timing and feel.