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 Item: 3000 Extreme Duty
 Price: $899.00
 Part #: 3000RP700
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We feel our converters are the best that money can buy. These converters are manufactured to our specs. 9 Inch Converter with 11 in Lock Up clutch Each converter is pressure tested , concentric tested and balance checked before leaving the factory. Here are a few things that our converters get when being built:

  • Only the finest hardened steel hubs are used on every converter.
  • Only the highest quality Raybestos clutch linings are used.
  • Only use OEM bearings in place of Torrington bearings.
  • All converters are Tig welded as a standard procedure.
  • All lock up surfaces are machined on Precision Lathes so that the lock up pistons apply on a precision smooth surface.

    Since we want to give our customers the best, we only offer the best.