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 Item: 4L60E Side Tank 1993-1997
 Price: $179.00
 Part #: TLMEZ4L60E-EST
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This new product, developed by Bowtie Overdrives, makes the miserable job of making a custom set of transmission cooling lines a simple matter involving ordinary hand tools. Our new lines can be installed in a matter of minutes without lifting the engine or removing accessories. This system consists of custom bent 5/16" hard lines designed individually for Powerglides, Th-350, Th-400, 4L80E, 4L60E, Th-700R4 and Th-2004R Transmissions. The hard line sections route around the starter, along the engines pan rail and terminate just in front of the engines harmonic balancer. The custom stainless steel braided flexible lines run from the radiator outlets down to these hard lines. The hard lines are cut to the correct length using a simple tubing cutter. Final connections are made using our special slip-on fittings then tightened up using hand wrenches. Comes complete with lines, clamps and brackets to hold the lines are NO longer available.