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 Item: Rochester Pontiac Tri-Power SM Center Large Outer
 Price: $379.95
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Our adjustable U.S. patent pending system is the most precise way to properly set up the extremely critical relationship between the throttle valve system in the transmission and carburetor. This system is very simple to install. It uses an under the carburetor base plate for mounting the standard cable and a three piece adapter that indexes over the Rochester 2 Barrel linkage, that has been precisely engineered to pull it's required distance. This system will not only set up your throttle valve system properly but it's easily adjustable so you can quickly change the light throttle/medium throttle shift characteristics. You can manipulate the shift characteristics with this system simply by rotating the cam assembly to any position. This system is for Pontiac units only. The measurement for the small base is 3 1/4" on the center carburetor from side to side across the studs. The measurement on the front and back carburetors is 3 3/4" across the carburetor studs from side to side. This kit is available with a braided stainless steel TV cable only. Optional throttle cable bracket available for $15.00. This bracket is not included with the kit it must be ordered separately. For more information, click here