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 Item: 4L60E G1 L2 (1995-1996) PWM
 Price: $1995.00
 Part #: 4L6G1PWM
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High Performance Street - $1995.00(CORE CHARGE $400.00)
HP/TQ Rating = 450/500 Maximum

Our Level Two Transmissions have all the wonderful features of our Level One Transmission, but they're built significantly modified to handle more horsepower, plus they feature quicker and firmer shifts. These units are still very street able, however, they should be installed into performance oriented cars and trucks. They will handle a steady diet of around 450/500 hp and 400/450 ft/lbs. of torque. This Level Transmission is definitely a huge step up from what the popular brand name companies' offer (according to their descriptions) and they still charge more! We have sold plenty of this Level Transmission over the last 14 years with tremendous success. This is our most popular Level Transmission with years of refinement that's proven to be very reliable and tough in serious street performance vehicles.

These Level Two Transmissions feature all the components and modifications built into our Level One Transmission, plus the following upgrades:
29 element input sprag clutch.
Premium after market frictions used throughout all clutch packs. Larger, custom machined servo assembly in beautiful blue anodizing!
Accumulator circuits modified for quicker, applies during 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4 shifts.
Main boost valve produces higher operating pressures for firmer, quicker shifts and better
clamping pressures in all gears.

Modified line bias system.
Special intermediate servo release check ball.
Re-calibrated pressure curve for quicker pressure response off idle, a must for big blocks, stroker motors, blowers and nitrous.
Of course, these Transmissions have our precision machined pump assembly described in our Level One details but they
also feature hardened steel pump guide rings to prevent breakage in severe high rpm operating situations.

Nine frictions and steels in the 3/4 clutch pack. This upgrade is a must for high performance use, along with our special
spring kit for quicker 3/4 clutch release.

Extra wide (3/8") Kevlar band with heavy duty anchor.
New transmission pan with drain plug.