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 Item: Pro-Flo 4 XT Braided Only
 Price: $289.95
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Our patented TV Made Ez system is the answer to your transmission issues such as "Bad shifting manners" and "Stack shifting". When installed, our kit creates a proper relationship between your transmission and your carburetor/fuel injection system. Doing so will allow you to get the full benefits from your 700R4/2004R Transmission such as "Double Downshifts" and proper shift timing. Now this particular kit is a little different than our others in the respect we will ask you to send in your throttle body so that we can attach our cam assembly to your throttle arm. This will ensure that the mounting position is correct and that you will be able to get the full benefit of our adjustable shift eccentric $289.95 +Shipping Call For Details.

The most beneficial feature of our TV Made Ez kit, is the ability to adjust shift timing instantly! It takes less than 1 minute to change your shift timing from aggressive to non aggressive or vice versa.

Our kit comes with everything you will need to install it on to your vehicle. For more information and specific details, visit