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 Item: 700R4 Level 1
 Price: $1450.00
 Part #: L1MP700R4
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Bowtie Overdrives

Mild Street Performance - $1450.00 + $200.00 Core Charge

We consider our level one transmission to be a properly built transmission with "fix-it" upgrades only. These transmissions are upgraded in those areas that will cure the common problems that have plagued these units over the years. We also improve the shift timing and feel for cleaner slightly firmer shifts. These are great units for stock or slightly modified cars or trucks that are in need of a new transmission. This level transmission would be what you would expect from a local transmission shop without the precision machining. Few shops have the specialized equipment needed to perform these operations. This is also what most of the "big" names in this business call their performance street level transmission*.

These make great inexpensive transmissions to install into mild street rods, relatively stock cars and trucks up to 350 hp.

*Please don't take our word on this, we encourage you to do a direct comparison of features, go to the big name company web sites and read there own descriptions of what they offer for $400.00 to $700.00 more!

Our TH-700R4 level one transmissions feature:
We start with a General Motors TH700R4 4 speed automatic V-8 case core. We completely disassemble and inspect all parts. Our cases and tail housings are put through a seven step refurbishing and cleaning process. When completed, this process leaves the case with a beautiful semi polished natural aluminum finish. Have you ever wondered why re-manufactured transmissions are always painted? We clean and refurbish our cases so thoroughly we don't need to paint them.
Like the heart in your body, the transmissions internal hydraulic pump is critical to proper operation and longevity. Both sides of the pump housing are precision machined in every transmission we build, regardless of the performance level. Heat, pressure and age cause these aluminum pump halves to warp. This time consuming operation is an extremely important step that completely eliminates the cross flow problems common to these aluminum housings. This machining operation is performed in our machine shop on our CNC Haas Lathe which produces repeatability within .0005". Diamond tooling is used during this process which produces a precision mating surfaces with a superb finish. We install a new high performance 10 vane pump rotor, new guide rings and new vanes in every pump we build. Our Level one units all receive a .470" main boost valve plus a larger low/reverse boost valve. A Teflon coated front bushing is installed as are new stator support bushings. A higher rate pressure regulator spring is added and the pump regulator valve is modified for improved flow.
Complete seal, gasket, and bushing replacement, with all one piece Teflon seals.
We use a premium quality 2-4 band.
Precision refinished direct drum with Teflon bushing.
New thrust roller bearings are used throughout.
New premium double lip seals front and rear.
Recalibrated spacer plate for improved shift timing, and firmness.
We precision calibrate the part throttle/TV valve circuits in the valve body for precise pressure regulation, and proper shift timing.
Modified accumulator for slightly cleaner and firmer shifts.
New filter, vent tube, and case connecter.
New TCC solenoid.
New premium aftermarket steels and frictions throughout.
We install a drain plug in the pan of all our transmissions for simplified maintenance purposes.
All our transmissions are not only static pressure tested during assembly, but actually installed and ran in a vehicle to be absolutely positive that they not only perform the correct functions, but "feel" correct. Feel is not something that can be determined on a test stand or dynamometer.