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 Item: 700R4/4L60 ATSG Guide (1987-1993)
 Price: $44.95
 Part #: 74400A (700R4 ATSG)
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GM 700R4, ATSG, SERVICE MANUAL 1987-1993 (74400A) This manual is a must for the beginning re-builder and very useful to the professional. This publication is a step by step guide in rebuilding your own transmission. This manual is setup for the mechanic, with easy to follow instructions with great illustrations through out the book. 1987-1993 MODELS The ATSG MANUALS will includes the following: General description, line pressure checks, diagnostic charts, internal wiring harness schematics, oil pressure passage identification, spacer plate identification charts, transmission disassembly, transmission re-assembly, updated low/reverse piston identification, check ball locations, and much more.