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 Item: 4L80E 2400 Stall Converter
 Price: $400.00
 Part #: 4L80ECONV
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We feel our converters are the best that money can buy. These converters are manufactured to our specs. Each converter is pressure tested, concentric tested and balance checked before leaving the factory. Here are a few things that our converters get when being built;

  • Only the finest hardened steel hubs are used on every converter
  • Only the highest quality Raybestos clutch linings are used
  • Only use OEM bearings in place of Torrington bearings
  • All converters are Tig welded as a standard procedure
  • All lockup surfaces are machined on precision lathes so that the lockup pistons apply on a precision smooth surface.

    Since we want to give our customers the best, we only offer the best.