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Over the years, Bow Tie Overdrives has built thousands of 700R4 and 2004R automatic overdrive transmissions. During the same period of time, we never worked on or rebuilt any other model of automatic transmission (Not even the Th-350's or Th-400's). Our business has, from day one, been dedicated to only GM rear wheel drive overdrives, not just building and selling them, but installing them. We have five installation bays that are used almost exclusively for custom installations. Our custom installation business has grown so much we cannot do stock rebuilds any longer. Our company has installed, or been actively involved with the installation of thousands of these transmissions into Pickups, Hot Rods, Classics and Street Machines of all kinds. We now offer very extensive installation kits for Corvettes, Chevy II's, Novas, Camaros, Impalas, Chevelles and most 60's and 70's Pick Ups. If you have an unusual application, we can probably help, since we've more than likely been there and done that! We maintain a very large inventory of all the accessories needed for most installations: dip sticks, dust covers, TV cables, speedometer setups, crossmembers and shifters to just name a few of these items. If you need it, we more than likely have it in stock! We also stock most adapters for the popular four wheel drive conversions like the 1968 through 1981 Pick Ups and Blazers.

By dedicating ourselves to the custom installations of Th-700R4's, we quickly discovered something, the biggest issue with custom installations was getting these transmissions to respond in a predictable manner every time. In the early years, every time we built a Th-700R4 and installed it into a custom application it would respond differently than the last one, never producing predictable, dependable shift timing and feel results. This was a very frustrating time in our business because we would build these transmissions the same each time. Same exact parts, same machining and same assembly procedures, but the transmissions produced different shift timing and feel results. We soon found the internal hydraulic pump control system and the external TV (throttle valve) system were the cause. We started machining our internal pumps to very strict tolerance, this helped. We started blue printing the control valve assembly in the valve body, and it got a little better. Finally, we introduced our TV MADE EZ system after applying for a U.S. patent, these transmissions suddenly became predictable! This system corrects the geometry on after market Holley, Carter, Demon and Edelbrock carburetors. Now our modifications and associated procedures produce a standard predictable response from these transmissions, time after time. Our TV MADE EZ system allows the customer to "dial in" the shift timing and feel of his or her transmission once it's installed.

While doing these custom installations; we, like anyone doing custom installs, had to fabricate many custom parts and pieces to get these units installed and working correctly. As we found good solutions to these installations and set up problems, we became motivated to start manufacturing special products to help others with their custom installations. Bow Tie Overdrives now makes an extensive line of products:
* Our U.S. patented "TV MADE EZ" system.
* Our extensive line of direct, no drilling or welding custom tubular crossmembers for most popular cars and pick ups.
* Our new simple to install, "LINES MADE EZ", stainless steel cooling lines that are very simple to install.
* Throttle cable kits.
* Shifter kits for the stock Powerglide shifter 1958 to 1964 Corvettes with built in park / neutral safety switch.
* Pressure gauges for testing and set up.
* Wiring harnesses and related items.

We have found suppliers that make certain items we feel solve difficult issues and now stock their products as well. There are always unique situations during any one of our installations. If you have any questions our tech service is available to help you solve these individual challenges

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